Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Turkish Van cat

Happy New Year, everyone!

To celebrate the beginning of the new year, I have joined forces with over 200 other blogs to give away a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet, a $300 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card and a large pack filled with paperbacks, bookmarks, cozies, and more. To enter to win, leave a comment below with your e-mail address. The winners will be chosen on January 7th. The complete list of participating bloggers can be found at http://carrieannbloghops.blogspot.com/. Good luck!


Mr Puddy said...

Happy New Year to you and your lovely family !!!

May Every Single Day of Your New Year Glow With
Pawsome Cheer, Excellent Healthy, & Happiness

❤ You always been loved by Me ❤


Puddy Boy

meowmeowmans said...

Wishing you all a new year filled with love, happiness and peace! :)

The Island Cats said...

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Oh Wow! What an exciting year! Oh yes, our email is penelope dot catfromhell at gmail dot com
May the best of this year be the worst of next!
Nellie, Kozmo, the hairy slobbery sisters - Bob and Cinnamon and the Pawrents

Sandra said...

Hope your 2013 is full of even more amazing wonders! For your cat too :) I love his glazed expression though he's in that box. So great haha!

Thank you for participating :)


Unknown said...

Happy New Year.
May 2013 be a good one for you and your loved ones.
Best Wishes Molly

Mary Kirkland said...

Thanks for participating in the blog hop and Happy New Year.


Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

now that is an impressive giveaway and an impressive collection of bloggers.

Heather Thurmeier said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for the giveaway. hthurmeier @ gmail . com

Elizabeth H. said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!!
Happy New Year!!
ehaney578 at aol dot com

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

How blessed are you to be able to work full time as an author! Pass some of that my way please! lol
I would love to be entered in this contest and thanks for the opportunity!

cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway and Happy New Year!!!!! I can't wait for all the new Heartthobing books that will be coming out in 2013!


woolfcindy said...

I agree. 2012 was great for me and I hope 2013 continues in that vein.


Unknown said...

wow!!!! buon 2013!
condivido su fb

Unknown said...

Hope your New year is filled with laughter, love and make TIme for the little things!!!


Unknown said...

Happy New Year


Yvette said...

happy new year, avalon! i hope 2013 sparkles and shines even more than all the years before!

Linens and Royals said...

Happy New Year to you. Love your box and hope you don't get stuck in it...

Amanda said...

cutest picture ever! and i love the blog! thanks for always providing delightful photos… your cat is just gorgeous! happy new year…

Luna und Luzie said...

That is a very cute photo!
Happy new Year ♥ and thank you for your comment!

Marie said...

Happy New Year from all the critters in our home -- MacKayla the Empress, William the Orange, Joel Gray, Giblet Paws, Lady the dog and Muffin the Guinea Pig. We love the picture!


Kassandra said...

Thank you so very much for the chance!


Catherine Lee said...

Happy New Year! I also share a home with kitties--4 of them!
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Tea said...

I adore cats.
Have 5 of them.
Happy New Year!
t.abule (a) yahoo (dot) com

Liese2 said...

We only have a dog because unfortunately I'm allergic to cats.
Thanks for the chance and Happy New Year!

magic5905 said...

Thanks for the great hop.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

jennnnnn said...

Hello & happy new year! Thanks for the giveaway...

kipha said...

Thanks so much for a great beginning to a New Year.


Gattina said...

A very happy New Year to you too ! and I hope that you visit my cats more often:) !

Brittany said...

Looks like that box is a winner! Happy New year!! Excited for what is in store!

Alice said...

thanks for the amazing giveaway and lots of love to cats!
movie1997 at live dot it

Jenn said...

omg… boxes and cats are like peas and carrots. i remember a picture of my brother and i when we were little with McD’s boxes upside-down on top of our heads using the arches as glasses…. we found more entertainment in the happy meal box than the toy.

cheers to the new year :)

Shai Villanueva said...

Happy New Year! You guys are amazing!
Thanks for the giveaway :)

intensev5 said...

Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the great prices!!


the overthinker said...

Happy new year!


Kayeleen Hamblin said...

Wow! That's a great gift. Happy New Year!


teena3940 said...

Thanks for the chance to win..Happy New Year!!!
Love the cat's

Lisa Marie said...

Happy New Year!


lisalueddecke at yahoo dot com.

May said...

Happy new year!

maybe31 at yahoo.com

CJG said...

Happy New Year
cristinegasser (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...


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Unknown said...

Thank you for the wonderful contest! Happy New Year!
prettyhaydengurl at yahoo dot com

Farhana Reads said...

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
keizoku_luffy at yahoo dot com

Connie K. said...

Great giveaway! Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

I love the pics on your site!


Videoclimber said...

Great giveaway!

Terri said...

Any giveaway that has to do with books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc are my favorite ones. Love Books. Happy New year to you too!
terri.moore 30 at yahoo dot com

The Musings Of A Crazy Cat Lady said...

We wish you a happy, healthy New Year! Ateret, Abbi, Livia and Stephanie

nicolesender said...

Cats & boxes or bags! They are entertainment 24/7! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Allie L said...

Happy new year. Thank you for this giveaway.
iheartmemorethanyou at yahoo dot com

Sue Sattler said...

Awww seeing the pictures of your cat make me miss my cat Blizzard. He thought he was a dog, he would sit at the back door with my dogs, trying to wag his tail, waiting for me to come in. :D


Nuzaifa @ Word Contessa said...

Happy New Year & Thanks for the giveaway!Really cute cat too. :D


Barbara B said...

Gotta love cats And books. Great combination.

Unknown said...

cat <3
Happy 2013! :)

e-mail: polin037@gmail.com

vicjbr said...

played games
happy new year! Thanks
mrsbrinius at comcast dot net
going to try to lose weight this year

Jennifer Irving said...

super kewl giveaway, thanks for participating!
jennirv4967 at gmail dot com

Sharon Stogner said...

love the picture! sstogner1 at gmail dot com

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Whoops! I deleted my other comment. Here it is again with my email address:

Happy new year!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

readingfever at gmail.com

Unknown said...

Love the kitty... Hubby won't let me have on... we have dogs uhhhhh.. lol... thanks for being part of the hop and happy new year.


Lona said...

Thx for the hop stop, happy holidays.

blinkysthebest at aol dot com

BLHmistress said...

What a sweet kitty :).

Happy New Year!

Dawna N.


Cassandra said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

bn100 said...

Happy new year!

Lacey T said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for the giveaway :)

Penumbra said...

Happy 2013! :)


Maureen said...

Happy New Year!
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

Ronda Tutt said...

Happy New Years


Valen Steel said...

That cat looks like he is thinking, "I know - I'm awesome." lol. great giveaway!

areadersheartstring (at) yahoo (dot) com


Drea Becraft said...

Happy New Year!

My resolution is to spend more time on myself. I spread myself to thin. Maybe getting a cloning machine up and running would help!


Unknown said...

Thank you for participating in the New Year Blog Hop!
Best Wishes in 2013
uilani25 (at) hotmail (dot) com

JanD said...

Happy 2013!
bituin76 at hotmail dot com

donnas said...

Happy New Year!!

bacchus76 at myself dot com

strawberryrose said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! I'm going to lose 25 # and read 52 + books this year.


Unknown said...

Happy New Year!
Your cats are just adorable! :)


Missie1 said...

Your cat is beautiful :D
Happy New Year
Missie Jones
missie25524 (at) netzero (dot) com

Wild N Mild $$$ said...

My goal for 2013 is to be more active. I didn't follow through on my 2012's.

Jennifer Rote
wildnmild4u at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

In 2012 read 111 books. I want to read at least 150 books in 2013 and I'd really like to get a Kindle, so thanks for the awesome giveaway! *Finger crossed*

Melissa Keir said...

What a beautiful baby! I love my own furry cat!


Cindy Hardwell said...

I love the cats!!! Thanks for the chance to win. I'm following your blog now!

latishajean said...

I am a big cat lover! Thank you very much for the great giveaway and fun blog hop!
I wish you a very Happy New Year!
Latisha D
tishajean@ charter.net

Anonymous said...

Happy new year and I wish the best for everyone :)


knittern said...

I hope you have a great new year! and many prosperous books to read!!!

Daniel M said...

happy new year and thanks for the giveaway! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

Deb PelletierC said...

diet and exercise.

Anonymous said...

this blog hopping makes me dizzy
golden_sprite (at) yahoo (dot) com

Unknown said...

Cute pictures. Happy New Year! Hope your year is prosperous and great.

bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being part of the Hop!

strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

jmcgaugh said...

I like your kitty!

jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

Natasha said...

Thanks for the chance to win!
Happy New Year!
natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

so cute our cats love boxes more than anything in the world
kaholgate at ymail dot com

Toni Porter said...

Happy New Year, and thank you so much for participating in this hop! Here's to hoping for loads of great reads this year!
tp DOT quixotic AT gmail DOT com

Amy Orvin said...

Happy New Year!
Thank you for the giveaway!


Stacey said...

congrats on a great 2012 :)

Happy New Year

Unknown said...

Happy New Year !!!

What a great way to start 2013 !!! :)


Kenia Roman said...

Thanks for this!
Love youuu

Unknown said...

Hope your New Year is amazing! Thanks for a chance to win. :-D jennifernjoshuam@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Love the cat drawings! I have a black Bombay cat. She is my baby and has me wrapped around her little paw. Right now she is taking care of her sick mommy by getting her tummy rubbed...her logic not mine lol! I broke my ankles last wed so my New Years resolution is to get out of these casts in time for my wedding in April.

Thanks for participating!



Unknown said...

thank you for the giveaway happy new year angel0319@hotmail.com

Lesley D said...

Happy New Year!

drakeLa90 at aol dot com

Unknown said...

Happy news years


J Lenni Dorner said...

I resolve to meet the goal of finishing the polishing of my first book in the Existence series and to submit it to agents/publishers.


Happy New Year from What-Are-They.com ! I hope you have a great one. Thanks for taking part in the hop.

I don't really have a New Year tradition. I like to do something different each year. Go with the flow and see where the tide takes me kind of attitude.

What book am I looking forward to coming out this year? My own... ;) Hey- I can hope!
I also hear that "The Burn Palace" by Stephen Dobyns is supposed to be good. That comes out in Feb.

I know a guy who went SCUBA diving under the water where New Year's fireworks were being set off this year. He got some neat shots of "how the fish see the celebration." That sounds like a fun place to ring in the new year!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the giveaway! My resolution/goal is to get a new job.


Unknown said...

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