Monday, February 24, 2014

Pet psychic Nancy talks about Avalon


I’ve always considered myself a wanna-believer when it comes to psychic abilities and talking with the dead. How could I not want to believe that Avalon’s beautiful spirit is still alive somewhere and that it’s possible to communicate with him? But truth to be told, I’ve only been convinced of the contrary so far. Looking for hope, people tend to give too much credence to what’s so obviously a coincidence, or even something entirely unrelated. So when Psychic Source offered me a free psychic reading in exchange for a blog post, I thought I’d jump on the occasion to try something which I would otherwise be too sceptic for.

The psychic I talked to is Nancy. Hereunder is the account of our thirty minute phone conversation, and a few concluding thoughts.

My conversation with pet psychic Nancy


Nancy: Hello, Vanessa. I have a few pictures of Avalon in front of me now. He’s a girl, right?
Me: He’s a boy, actually.
Nancy: How long have you had him?
Me: Almost twelve years.
Nancy: Do you have questions you would like me to answer?
Me: I’d like to know what Avalon’s life was like before I found him. Was he happy with his family? Or did he feel neglected?
Nancy: I get a feeling of two brothers that were very cocky with Avalon. They were in their teens. They abused him. I feel he ran away. He could not put up with their attitude anymore. There was a woman there that was kind to him, but whenever she wasn’t looking, the two males abused him. You were his angel. You found and rescued him. You were led to him. This had to happen. I also get the feeling that he was only about nine days on the street. Avalon thinks you are the most beautiful person in his life. Thanks to you, he feels cleansed and refreshed and loved. You inspire him, and he inspires you. You gave him a whole new fresh start. He rediscovered joy thanks to you.


Nancy: I can see that at a certain point, Avalon lost his strength, but thanks to you he got it back. Is that correct?
Me: He got sick, yes, but he didn’t recover.
Nancy: Did he have cancer?
Me: He had hyperthyroidism.
Nancy: I’m now looking at the fourth picture you sent me of Avalon. That’s the most recent picture, right?
Me: It’s one of the first pictures I ever took of him. It’s over ten years old.
Nancy: I can feel he lost a lot of his strength. You were his guide and his protector when he lost that strength. But in the beginning of your relationship, he was protecting you. How is Avalon doing now?
Me: He passed away in July.
Nancy: What?
Me: He passed away. He’s no longer with me.
Nancy: That‘s the illness I saw. He has recovered. He‘s in heaven now and I know he misses you. The way he looks in picture number four, that’s the way he looks now. You made him look like that again through your love. He loves you unconditionally. His spirit is still around. Can you feel him?
Me: I wish I could, but I can’t.
Nancy: You will feel his connection near you. Do you ever meditate, dear?
Me: No.
Nancy: Try it. He tries to share a message with you. He tries to tell you to use your inner strength, and to recover from your grief. He wants you to be happy. He’s okay now. Your heart is unshakable. Your love is unconditional. He needs you to understand that the two of you will be together again someday. Lay down on your back, and allow yourself to dream. You will feel his presence.

A new cat

Nancy: Do you have other cats?
Me: No.
Nancy: Avalon wants you to know that you will have another love in your life. He wants you to do that for him. There will be another animal coming to you. Golden in color. With stripes. Another male. And you will be brought together for a reason. It was meant to be. Time will be right. I feel it will be in eight months. It can be eight weeks, but I feel eight months is more likely. You will know when you see him.


Me: What did Avalon think about my ex-boyfriend and our other two cats back when we adopted him?
Nancy: I feel he did not particularly care for him. Is that correct?
Me: Avalon adored him.
Nancy: Oh, okay. And were those other cats the two males I saw before? Were they the cats that bullied him?
Me: No, they were male and female, and they never bullied him.
Nancy: Oh, because I get the feeling that the female cat tried to be bossy with him.
Me: It was just the other way round. Avalon was bossy with the girl.
Nancy: And was the other male bossy with him?
Me: No, they got along pretty fine.
Nancy: I’m a love psychic too, and I get the feeling that you and your ex-boyfriend are getting things back together again. Is that correct?
Me: Not at all. We still get along well and we’re friends, but that’s it.
Nancy: I’m telling you he’s trying to get back together with you.
Me: I certainly hope not. He’s married and has a beautiful little daughter. He loves them very much, and would never do anything to hurt them.
Nancy: Well, things will be falling apart for him. Don’t be surprised that the man will be trying to get back into your life when that happens. Have you recovered from that broken relationship?
Me: Yes.
Nancy: Is there someone else in your life now?
Me: There’s a new boyfriend, yes.
Nancy: I can see a great connection between the two of you. Four years from now, you will get married. He's your soul mate. He’s the one you are most likely going to marry. I can also see two cats in your future. One for him, and one for you. Two males. They will be the best of friends. Avalon wants you to know that he‘s okay with your current love in your life. Has he dark hair?
Me: Yes.
Nancy: He will be very succesful. Does he have his own business?
Me: No.
Nancy: He will have his own business. In the future he will.

Avalon’s personality

Me: Can we talk about Avalon again? What is your interpretation of his personality?
Nancy: He was magical. He created magical results around you. He could understand everything you said to him.You were very drawn to each other. You had a lot of fun together. He made you laugh. Is that correct?
Me: Yes, he made me laugh, but he also worked on my nerves sometimes.
Nancy: Avalon was something you needed at that time. He was a leader. And leaders like to give back what they receive. And you gave him a lot, and he gave that back to you. He liked exploring things. He tried to set an example in his life. He did that, because of your love for him. You did the best you could with him. You were like his mother. Did you feel like you were his mother too?
Me: I felt like I was his mother, his best friend, and his companion. He was everything to me.
Nancy: The two of you had a very special connection. You felt safer with him around. He was protecting you. And you were protecting him. Together you felt protected and strong. He was very bright. You meant the world to him. He showed you that. He tried to give you praise and compliments. He was very vocal with you. He was very proud of you. He has been reborn, and one day, you will find him. Keep your eyes open, and you will know.


The positives

It was comforting to hear how happy I had made Avalon and how strong our bond was, because I don’t get to hear that very often. I still feel the need to talk about my cat and conjure up beautiful memories, yet the people around me avoid the subject at all cost. He’s gone; move on. My phone call with Nancy was a good opportunity to talk about Avalon once more, and to highlight the good things we had together. If you are unsure about the love your pet feels for you, then I’m sure Nancy has the ability to make you feel better.

The negatives

I wouldn’t call Nancy psychic, but she‘s a wise woman who knows her psychology. She listens to every detail of what you say, asks deciding questions, and draws insightful and/or comforting conclusions. The technique she uses is actually pretty simple. My question if Avalon was happy before I found him, for example, holds important information. The word 'found' implies that I rescued him somehow, and the fact that I care about his happiness before we met proves my love and my desire to make him happy. The emotion in my voice tells her that I still miss Avalon. Talking about my ex-boyfriend makes her wonder if he’s still present in my life. In one picture (his profile pic) it's obvious that he’s a leader, while in another (one that I took a day before his death) he has clearly lost his strength. And if Nancy‘s opinion proves to be incorrect, she draws the second most possible conclusion. Other aspects, such as the future or his first year as a kitten are impossible to check. And as for the meditation, our imagination is so strong it can make us believe whatever we want.

Then there were the misses, thinking that Avalon was a girl, that he was still alive, that he had cancer, that he didn’t care much about my ex-boyfriend, that he approved of my new boyfriend, that he was bullied by our other cats, etc. While she did say some true things about Avalon, the moment Nancy addressed my love life, I had the impression it was a mere guessing party.

That doesn’t mean that no one can reap benefits from Nancy’s abilities. I can imagine that people who feel lost, can have possible solutions and answers laid out before them as to make their life and choices a bit easier. In my case, though, I already knew the answers (except for Avalon’s past). The only thing I wanted was proof that something about Avalon still lingered on somewhere. I didn’t expect a positive answer, and I didn’t get one either.

Because of those numerous misses, and because Nancy’s technique was so easy to see through, I couldn’t help but feel a profound sadness after our conversation. No matter how many times Nancy told me that Avalon had been reborn and that his spirit was still around me, I had never felt more sure that he was truly gone now, and that he would only live on through my love, my memories and my upcoming book about him.

If you want to try Psychic Source yourself, you can go either to their pet psychics page or directly to Nancy's personal page. Psychic readings are available by phone or chat and cost $1 per minute.

Have you ever had experiences with (pet) psychics? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.


Kelly Hashway said...

I know someone who say a pet whisperer. I'm not sure I believe in these things. I think you're correct in assuming Nancy is a psychologist and not really a psychic.

Basil and The B Team ~ BionicBasil ® said...

That was very interesting, though also sad because you miss your furbaby :(

Marilia said...


CatInTheFridge said...

Yes! We met Nancy. She was very nice. Had some lovely things to say and we're very much hoping she was right! - Crepes.

Unknown said...

Wow! Great review. Avalon was a special cat. He will live forever in your heart!

The Island Cats said...

I also spoke with Nancy about my 3 cats. She got a few things right and some things I felt she was off-base. But it was nice to talk to her and hear what she had to say. I still think people can be psychic, though...I just think that they can't read some people for whatever reason.

Gilles Vranckx said...

Worst psychic ever, wrong on every account! Even not a good mentalist. Fun read though :)

Cory said...

We used a pet psychic years ago and she was spot on with a few things she could never have known. She told us our dog told her she wanted to go on a trip...and eat hot dogs. I was positive that couldn't be true because we never ate hot dogs and our dog didn't get them, but she persisted and said this is what our dog was telling her. Then I remembered that we took a vacation with our dog and we stayed at a B&B and our dog fell in love with the owner who cooked our spoiled dog...sausages for breakfast! So wow, our dog wanted to go back there. I was impressed. I don't remember her name but it was over 10 years ago.

Unknown said...

How fun!
I absolutely love your header btw! Very nice!!!
Have a great weekend! And happy Pet Parade!
((husky hugz))
frum our pack at love is being owned by a husky

Rascal and Rocco said...

I think you're correct about Nancy, but that doesn't mean his spirit is truly gone. I definitely believe in afterlife. It is good to talk about those past. Glad there was something comforting in the conversation for you. And that you have this blog to continue to express your love for Avalon.

Clooney said...

I appreciate your candor about your reading and understand what you are saying. I look forward to your upcoming book on your precious Avalon.

Chatdesîles said...

J'ai lu avec beaucoup d'intérêt votre billet.
C'est un sujet qui m'intéresse.
J'ai lu avec grande attention le déroulé de l'entretien (traduction Google) et je suis d'accord avec vos conclusions ... complètement d'accord.
Je pense que Avalon vit dans le fond de votre cœur, je pense que c'est le faire vivre que de penser à lui. Je pense qu'écrire un livre sur lui, c'est aussi le faire vivre d'une autre manière.

J'espère que la force de l'amour permettra que l'on retrouve un jour ceux que l'ont a aimé ici bas.

J'aurai beaucoup de plaisir à lire votre livre sur Avalon, mais pour moi, il faudrait qu'il soit en français ...

Eowin et Colibri vous envoient des ronrons de réconfort.

Little Miss Titch said...

hmm they have aproached me too,that will be interesting to see what they come up with,great review,xx Rachel

Unknown said...

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